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About Us

Though Meerut has a good range of qualified,experienced,efficient doctors of all specialities who are already working in the city to provide best possible health services to the people of Meerut ; but matching infrastructure to further improve upon the quality was the need of the hour. The deficiency of a proper corporate hospital was already haunting the minds of many quality concious doctors and people of Meerut as well SVMC now puts Meerut on  the National road map for its quality health services.



 Dr. Prashant Solanki   MD, DM. (Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and ERCP Specialist)

General Physicians

Dr. Amit Sharma      MD. (Medicine)

Dr. Nishant Wadhera  MD. (Medicine)


 Dr. Tarun Goel   DCH, (Child Specialist)


Dr. Seema Prashant   MBBS, DGO 

Dr. Archana Goel        MBBS, DGO (Laparoscopic Surgeon)

General Surgery

Dr. Sanjay Pandey   MS (Gen. Surgery) 

Dr Navneet Garg  MS (Gen Surgery)

Dr Shekhar Gupta    MS (Gen. Surgery & Laparoscopic surgeon)

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Prachur Vidhu MS, MCH. (Pediatric Surgery)

Neuro Surgery

Dr. Rohit Singh Kamboj   MS, MCH. 

Dr. Amit Bindal     MS, MCH.

Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

Dr. Sudhi Kamboj    MS, MCH.

Neuro Physician

Dr. Alok Gupta   MD, DM. 

Dr. Rohit Garg   MD. DM.

Dr Mani Gupta   MD. DM.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Amit Bhatnagar  MS, MCH.

Uro Surgen

Dr Alok Agarwal   (MS. MCH)

Orthopedic Surgen

Dr H.K Dogra    (M.S. ORTHO)

Chest Physician

Dr Pawan Jhakmola  (MD)


Dr Samyak Jain  (MD)

E.N.T Surgen

Dr Sumit Upadhyay  (MS. ENT)

Dr Renu  Upadhyay  (MS. ENT)


Dr Amit Chabra  (DPT)